Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 4 of 365 Days of Thanks

Oh what a day! Today, I am thankful for so much that it might be hard to pick just one for the day! So I am going to make a short list :) that's ok, right?

First of all, I am thankful for creativity! Not just what God equipped me with, but with what he equipped others with as well. I spent a good majority of the day redesigning my web design website, editing 200+ photos, downloading actions and presets to make editing go quicker, and so much more. So I guess I should really be thankful that I can still see straight with as much as I was looking at my monitor today - lol.

Today my friend came home from her hospital stay after a major surgery. I am thankful that she got home especially since it was snowing most of the day. I am sure her kiddos (the four legged kind) are thankful she is home as well. Now we are praying for a quick recovery.
And then I should throw in my warm-and-fuzzy thanks...I am thankful for my kitty, Fergie. She loves to cuddle. When I am stressed out, she always seems to know, and crawls into my lap and purrs. Which seems to make everything better!

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