Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 3 of 365 Days of Thanks

Today I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is on my plate. Too many things to do and definitely not enough time to get it all done. 'Tis the Season! But last night while my hubby and I were cleaning the office buildings at the grain elevator, God reminded me that last year at this time, I did not have a job, in fact i had just been let go unexpectedly, and even though I had my small business on the side, it was not a steady source of income and we were really struggling. The winter was harsh and inside our house was miserably cold, the propane heater was on the fritz, and the wind from outside was coming inside. But God provided! Our friends and family gave us some warmer jackets, blankets, and helped us by putting plastic on the outside of our windows so the drafts would stop coming into the house.

As I am reminded of last year and take a look at this year, I am thankful for my jobs. Yes that's right that is plural. Even though I am quite overwhelmed and somedays down-right exhausted, I can at least crash in my bedroom, at the end of the day, where we have warm blankets and a small room heater and I am warm. I work from 9:15 to 3:30 M-F as my friends caretaker (I fancied the title up a bit and now refer to my self as her personal assistant), then two nights a week my hubby and I clean the office buildings at the grain elevator, my web business has picked up a little, and my dog collar business is gearing up for the holidays. So yes, even though I am tired and overwhelmed at times, God reminds me to be thankful for the work he has provided me this year. For which we are able to pay down some bills, afford a little more heat for the house, and that we don't have to eat as much Top Ramen and beans :).

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