Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 31 of 365 Days of Thanks

This happy boy is my pup, Petey. He is a very happy boy! And so are we. Since the end of last week, he has been scratching at his ears and the sides of his mouth. So we were finally able to get him an appointment. We took him in this morning, kinda nervous that it was going to be his teeth, since he has had teeth problems in the past (from being a street dog). The vet was really sweet and gentle, she looked in his ears first (I warned her that there might be a family of raccoons living in his ears, with as much rolling in the dirt that he does) heehee. Then she looked at his teeth, he didn't even flinch. He was such a good boy! 

Come to find out his ears had a little bit of a yeast infection/bacteria and that is why he was scratching at them all the time. She said that we just have to give him some ear drops to clear up the "gunk". And his teeth look fine. I am so thankful it was not his teeth. Before we got him he already had to have 8 teeth removed, so it would have left him with not so many left. And I am thankful that he won't have to go through that pain of having teeth removed again. So to celebrate we played for the rest of the afternoon when I got home from work. He has been sleeping right next to me ever since we came back in. :)

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