Friday, July 1, 2011

Quiet and Relaxing - Day 3

Day 3 started out with me kissing my hubby on his way out the door to go on a very long hike with his sister. Why didn't I go, you ask? Well here is why... He and his sister (workout feens) planned a hike up the Lawn Lake Trail in the Rocky Mountain National Park
Difficulty moderate
Distance 6.2 miles one-way
Starting Elevation 8540 feet
Ending Elevation 10987 feet
Elevation Change 2447 feet

Stats compliments of the Rocky Mountain National Park website
If those stats didn't convince you, then take a look at this graph...

I figured, why not let the fitness guru's tackle this together - I wouldn't want to slow them down. How long does 12 miles take? About 6-8 hours... did you catch that... 6 to 8 hours of hiking. And a good majority of that uphill!

So what did I do while they went on this fitness expedition? I slept, relaxed, watched some HGTV, and painted my toes. Plus I spent quite a bit of time praying that they would come back to the cabin in one piece. I mean there are Bears, Elk, Mountain Lions, Snakes, and more out there.

Thankfully they got home in one piece! It took them about 7 hours (with stops for pictures). I loved hearing their stories of what they saw and who they encountered on their hike. There was one guy that they stopped to talk to (pictured below), he was walking his horse up the trail... because his horse likes to go for walks! My hubby thought it was strange that you can't bring your dog out there for a walk, but you can bring your horse. Guess we better get a horse for next time! :)
Here are some of the pics from his hike. They made it to the top where there was a glacier lake. I love the photos he took, such Amazing Beauty!

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