Thursday, July 21, 2011

Homegrown Potatoes

I LOVE getting my hands dirty. So digging up our potatoes, was like being a kid again! Earlier this year we (me and my friend Britney) planted our shared veggie garden. It was so much fun and we dreamed of the meals we would make with the crops. A few weeks ago, our garden got ravished by grasshoppers. (oh I really don't like those little things anymore!) We were stuck, we knew we couldn't "exterminate" the garden with chemicals, so we lost almost everything!

One thing that we didn't lose, because they grow underground, were the potatoes. The grasshoppers did manage to eat all of the plant above (basically killing it), so we had to dig up the potatoes so they didn't spoil. Even though it was a huge bummer, we had fun anyways - we dug up the Red Potatoes, the Yukon Gold Potatoes, and some of the Purple Fingerling Potatoes.

I know this looks really gross, but I found it fascinating.

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