Saturday, June 25, 2011

10-Year Anniversary Trip - Day 2

After having such and AWESOME first day, I was anxious for what the second day had in store. My hubby and I spent most of the morning downtown, looking at all the fun stores - dreaming of what we could buy :). (There was more dreaming than buying) Then we headed back to the cabin so we could get ready for the family BBQ / picnic we were going to have in the Endovalley Picnic Area of Rocky Mountain National Park. When we got back, everything was already put together - so we got ready to head out. While I was upstairs changing, I heard our family downstairs calling to me to come quickly downstairs...and BRING THE CAMERA (yes that is what they shouted) :). Here is what we saw...
This guy was HUGE!! He was so close, but luckily
I had some trees between me an him in case
he wanted to meet in a very unhappy way.
So we all stood there and watched him eat. I know,
I don't like it when people watch me eat, but this is SO different :)
Every once in a while he would look at me
as if were saying "Are you still watching me EAT?"
I started giggling (I know, it's the little things that get me)
'cause he started scratching under his hind leg with his antlers.
I had NO idea they were that flexible... hee hee
Around the corner (on the lawn) were more Elk relaxing and enjoying their visit.
They BBQ'd SO much yummy food! On the right we have a large

Salmon filet, then hamburgers, corn & potatoes wrapped in foil, and italian sausage.
You would think we were cooking for an Army :)
Here is the Salmon once it finished cooking - the picture doesn't
do it justice. It was cooked with fresh Dill and Lemons - turned out
SO yummy!
Here's our fam and friends enjoying the feast! Thanks goes to those
who prepared, cooked, cleaned, and made this dinner amazing!
As we drove out of the park that night, we spotted a field FULL of Elk - there were atleast 200 Elk in this field. It was quite a site! I wish I could have gotten a picture to share with you, but it was way too dark to get a good one. So you will just have to believe me :)

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