Sunday, June 5, 2011

Substitute Farmer Chick - Day 1

While the real farmers are on a family vacation, the Substitute Farmer Chick (that's me) and my Studly Ranchhand (my hubby) are Farm Sitting. :) So here is our chance to make our friends proud!

We got a long list with very detailed information for how to take care of things while they are gone. So I printed out our list, grabbed our water bottles, and made sure to wear my boots (cause there has been rattlesnakes spotted on their land).
Buddy (their dog) greeted us when we drove up. He was very excited to see us! First I went over to check out the gardens that we planted a few months ago. Boy they are growing quite a bit! Here is one of the little critters I saw in the strawberry field.

 Then I noticed the green onions we planted. Oh my goodness, they are getting big and they look so yummy! I can't wait to try them.

 Now onto getting eggs and feeding the chickens. In the notes my friend gave us, she mentioned that if we didn't close the gate to the chicken area then they would escape. Then we noticed that a couple already had, without us even going near the gated area. One was a little white curly looking chicken that could get through the slats in the fence. Another one, we decided, there was NO way she could have gotten through those slats and she was a runner! But after I chased her for a while, I caught her! I was so excited.

 She was pretty fast...until she ran into a corner. :) Once I caught her, I thought I was going to have a hard time holding on to her, but she was really sweet and gentle, she didn't even peck me. I put her back in with the other chickens and proceeded to the next part of our list.

We went into the chicken coop to gather eggs. I was warned that one of the hens would be sitting on her eggs and that I would have to move her out of the way to get the eggs from underneath her. I thought, this should be easy! I might even get out of there without getting pecked. :) I gathered all the eggs from the other nests first and then went towards the hen that was sitting on hers.

I was able to get a few of the eggs out from under her without incedent, and then she decided she didn't want me to get the rest, so that's when the pecking started. I was shocked at first, but then had to laugh. It wasn't even hard, kinda tickled. Well she was a lady and let me get the rest of the eggs, but not before she gave me that dirty look.

We collected over a dozen eggs and made sure all of the chickens had fresh food and water. Now onto checking on the new litter of kittens to make sure they had enough food and water. And to play with them, of course!

After everyone was fed, watered and played with, we finished our first day by watering the herbs and flowers on the porch. Our reward... Fresh cut chives for our homemade pizza tonight! Looking forward to Day 2 - and hoping that no more chickens escape while we are out.

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  1. Thanks for taking such good care of our Farm. So far so good. :) We like the picture of Uncle Keil holding the kitty. Austin would like you to take pictures of Sophie. The little red one that looks like the white curling one, named King Arthur. :)


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