Monday, June 6, 2011

Substitute Farmer Chick - Day 2

Today was quite an adventure! As we arrived at the farm, we were, again, greeted by Buddy! He always look so happy :).
We broke out the list and got started. First we gathered eggs, and had to move 2 chickens, this time, out of the way to get there eggs. There was a lot of pecking going on. I don't know why I get startled, I should expect it. We only collected 10 eggs today - I think the girls are slowing down cause of the heat (I know I would). As I was walking back from taking the eggs into the house, I stepped on something weird, and then it moved...It was a SNAKE! I screamed (which is weird for me since I love snakes). I instantly looked for a rattle! YAY!
 I quickly went over to the chicken area to tell my Studly Ranch Hand, where he was dealing with his own dilemma. He assured me that the snake was either a Bull Snake or a King Snake. Then we took a look at his dilemma. There was a Rooster sitting IN the water of the water tank. He was still on the ramp when I got there, but the, proceeded to flap his wings and ended up for a swim.
We watched for a bit, not knowing until later that chickens can't swim. He must have been a duck hybrid, because that boy could swim! But what he couldn't do was get himself out of the water. So I got to follow him around and get him over to the edge and pulled him out. He was very calm about the whole thing, but some how I still got really wet.
We were then on a mission. Our friends son, who is 6) asked if I could take a picture of Sophie so he could make sure she was doing good. Sophie is his chicken. So I found Sophie and clicked some pics. She is a cutie, I love her curly feathers.
Next we moved on to watering the herbs, lettuce, flowers on the porch and then the rows of veggies we planted in the garden. By now I was a little freaked out about the ground cover - it was so easy for a snake to hide in it. So we proceeded to water - the potatoes, onions, Swiss chard, beans, and the rest.

I saw something move out of the corner of my eye...yep another Snake! Luckily I saw the long yellow stripe it had down its back so I told myself it was another Bull or King Snake, but not before shrieking like a little girl. This time my hubby came running and stood guard while I finished watering.

What an eventful day! And I thought today was going to be boring! heehee. Before we left, we made sure to check on the ducks, the cats and the kittens. All doing good! Hoping tomorrow is way less eventful! :)

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