Saturday, June 25, 2011

10-Year Anniversary Trip - Day 1

This July my hubby and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. Everyday is a new adventure and I find that I love him more and more with each experience. I will admit, it isn't always bliss or easy, but through the tough times, I feel, we have made our relationship stronger. We are learning new things everyday, applying them to how we interact and relate to each other. Knowing that trust is essential to genuine love.

This week my hubby's mom & step-dad took us to Estes Park, CO to celebrate our 10 years of marriage. We have had so much fun enjoying our time away together. Having lived in Colorado for 4 years, it has been such a treat to see again all the beauty that we once enjoyed everyday. Here are some of our pics from Day 1.
Me in front of the river that ran in front of our cabin.
We couldn't believe how fast the water was running,
but it made for some really pretty photos.

We were "window" shopping one evening when we saw this dog
come in and drink out of the water feature (for sale) in the store.
It was SO cute, and the store owner didn't mind at all (which I thought was so nice)
My in-laws treated us to a guided tour of Rocky Mountain National Park.
What a GREAT adventure! I highly recommend if you visit.
One of the falls the tour guide took us to. (I have been to RMNP
many times, and never saw this - tour was totally worth it)
Our tour guide, Art, was a great guide...but wasn't that great at
taking pictures. :)
20 feet of snow we were standing in front of.
We are at about 11,000 ft above sea level. The views were amazing!
My sister-in-law had this cute idea for a family photo - it reminds
me of Sound of Music :) By far one of my favorite photos! (except my
hubby isn't in it, cause he is taking the picture)
Storm started moving in as we were going back down Trail Ridge Road,
it was cold, about 59 degrees. But I LOVE the images I was able to get.

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