Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 85 of 365 Days of Thanks

In our almost 11 years of marriage, we have never paid for cable/satellite - no we didn't "borrow" it either, we just didn't feel the need to have that much tv. So since the change over from analog to digital, we don't even get the regular channels. Which is fine with me. But the down side is that we don't really hear the news going on all around us (unless someone posts it on facebook). I am actually good with this. Most news (from the news channels) is biased or one sided, or misinformed, etc. And I think we are much happier not being inundated with all of that negativity.

Tonight is a different story though. One of our friends had mentioned the tornadoes that were destroying the mid-west. Wait! I am in the mid-west. So I went on one of the news channels and saw the destruction of the latest tornadoes. My heart broke for all of those people affected. Living in the "plains" this is something I worry about every Spring. I can't believe how early these started this year. We are praying for all those affected, and also preparing our home "just in case". There are several sites that are helpful in preparing your household for a natural disaster. I think being prepared is essential. Not only can you help your family, but you can also help those in your community. I can't prevent natural disasters from happening, but I can prepare.

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