Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 79 of 365 Days of Thanks

Today was another EMS Training for my hubby. It was an all day class, packed full of fun, cool stuff. For one, the SIM guy came back and the class got to interact with the mannequin. Then the Airlink crew showed up in their helicopter and taught the class about safety around and during a call if the need Airlink. Then they showed the class the inside of the helicopter (which was super cool!). Then towards the end of the class they put the students in groups of 3 to take a ride. My hubby was the first group to go up. I was so excited for him, and a little bit jealous :). While in the air, the Airlink crew got a call, so they had to land and take off back to Denver. The rest of the class was not able to go on the ride. A lot of people were really bummed - but understood the circumstances. I am so thankful that my husband is getting to experience these things, and he is getting trained in a field where he can help people. What a blessing!

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