Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 9 of 365 Days of Thanks

Oh I can't believe I fell asleep before getting this one posted. I guess I was tired - lol.

I saw this comic and couldn't stop laughing! I am so glad my hubby doesn't feel this way :)

Today I am super thankful for how my hubby takes care of me and does things for me so I can rest. I try to do my dishes every day, but since my main 2 jobs are cleaning, I have to admit, they don't always get done right away. Which is frustrating to me, cause I don't want to cook or bake anything until they are done. (let me throw in here that we do not have a dishwasher, we haven't had one for years)

Today, after a long day of work and the evenings cleaning looming over me like a gray cloud, I knew I needed to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. I was just going to buck-up and get them done and then relax for a little while before moving on to my next job. Then I got home, bringing in the groceries, setting them on the clean counter... Wait ... What? Clean counters, trash taken out, floor swept, dishes washed and sitting in the strainer drying. I almost cried. Not because he never does stuff like this but because he DOES do stuff like this - when he knows that I am tired and I can't even function, he surprises me with his acts of love. I am so thankful for how he loves me.

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