Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 12 of 365 Days of Thanks

Today I am thankful for my churches pastor. Many of you might not know that I grew up in a Christian home with a dad who was a full-time pastor for a majority of it. I have seen what pastors go through. The phone calls in the middle of the night from total strangers asking for money, food, a place to stay, etc. (he was listed in the phone book). I saw the unrealistically HIGH expectations that the congregation put on him and our family to live up to. I just wanted to tell people, pastors are HUMAN too! They make mistakes, they forget things, they sometimes drop the ball - like the rest of us. But we sometimes put them on this pedestal that not even the strongest Christian could live up to. Now I am not talking about earth-shattering mistakes. I am talking about simple things that we all are guilty of. So today and everyday, I am thankful for our pastor. He is human, but one thing I admire about him is that he admits where he has flaws. He is real with our congregation and he and his wife are a vital part of this community, our church and are dear friends of ours. So I encourage everyone to pray for their pastor and his wife and their family - on a continuous basis. Encourage them - because not many people do. And remember - they are human and with that they are sinners - just like the rest of us.

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