Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sparkly Skull T-Shirt DIY

While shopping at a local store, I saw this shirt that had the cutest skull on it. Much to my dismay it was a child's size (5T) - which even though, in my head, I am thin and small...never in a million years will I ever be THAT small. LOL. So I decided to buy it because I knew I could do something fun with it and...it was only $1.25 (with all the after Halloween discounts applied). As I looked at it and got lost in the sparkle, I realized that I could cut it out and sew it onto a normal size t-shirt that I can wear! :) So here is what I did.

I am using Wonder Under and cutting it to "size"
I iron the Wonder Under onto the back of the area I want to cut.
I start cutting the skull out, making sure to leave enough of a border
around it so I can sew it
Once it is all cut out, I remove the paper from the back to
expose the Wonder Under. I can now line it up on to the back of the
blank black shirt that I want to put it on.
Once lined up, I cover the graphic with dry wash cloth so
I don't damage the applique. I use the cotton setting with the steam on
(this worked for me, it may be different for you)
Now I am ready to sew it on. I decide that I want to use
Glow-In-the-Dark thread so I can have a fun outline
of the skull even when it's dark.

I used Glow-in-the-Dark as the top thread and then black for underneath.
No use wasting good Glow thread on the inside of the shirt!
Started sewing around the bones, and then for the skull I sewed a little
closer to the outline and also outlined the bow.

Here it is in all its Sparkly glory! I will make sure to get a
pic of it tonight when it is glowing :)

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