Friday, September 16, 2011

Inspiring Stories: Roy

In '02 I had a Pulmonary Embolism..I had blood clots hit not only my lungs but my brain..I slumped into a coma..Machines were breathing for me..My kidneys had failed..For 28 days my family was told to get my affairs in order..The Doc's had little hope..Everyday the staff would come in and shut the machines down to see if I would respond..I didn't.

People often wonder if someone in a coma can hear you..The answer is YES!! I heard conversations with the staff, with my family standing and sitting in the room..Nova had brought a book of mine and would read to me..Music..Yes she played music for me also..I remember once hearing Jackie say that they had to leave but would be back soon and she kissed me on the forehead..I heard her gasp a little as she said a tear fell down my cheek..

Just prior to me waking up I had a vision..One minute I was hearing voices in the dark..The voices of people in the room..And then I was in the brightest lite meadow I have ever seen..Snow on the ground..A BEAUTIFUL river..Everything you would imagine in the Mountains of Colorado or Wyoming..I turn and behind me is a HUGE log House..Many,Many windows...The next instant I am inside and looking at a HUGE fireplace..I can still hear the crackling of the fire..On either side of the fireplace is a staircase leading up..I walk over and am sitting on the hearth and I hear echoing footsteps and to the right side staircase I see my Dad..Dressed like he always was..Blue jeans, blue stripped shirt that was his favorite..He comes down the staircase..I jumped up and walked toward him..He said Son,You can't touch me OK..I wanted oh so badly to hug him..But didn't..My Dad had passed away in '97..

His voice was crystal clear..The same Smile..He asked me how my Mom was..Our Family...I told him..Then there was a silence for a matter of seconds..And he said Son I have to go..But I am suppose to tell you that "THEY " aren't ready for you yet..You are going to be OK..It will be rough,but you will be OK..I said OK. Dad..I Love you..and he said I love you too..He moved to the left stairwell and looked back at me and smiled..He went up the staircase and the minute he disappeared from sight I woke up..I saw a startled nurses faces..and then Jackie..They had unhooked my machines and in that very instant I took a DEEP breath and my eyes opened..I was awake and trying to, I couldn't talk..I couldn't communicate..BUT I was sitting up and looking around..I knew I was going to be OK..this next part is what I was told and DON'T believe it for a minute..I was told it was all a drug induced dream by the Doctors..Do you believe them? Or do you BELIEVE God still works Miracles everyday..I BELIEVE... :-)>

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