Monday, September 12, 2011

Kitchen FAILS

I know we have all had them, especially if you love to experiment with new flavors and combinations, like I do. Most of the time experimenting happens because I have odds-and-ends in the fridge and it's way past time to go to the market. Or I am feeling creative. Either way, sometimes they are a home run, other times, let's just say, they're not. There has only been one occasion where I had to toss it because it wasn't even edible. Other times, we just added ketchup or salt to make it palatable.

Red Cabbage & Mushrooms
Let's just say, all vegetables DO NOT go together. I put these two veggies in the frying pan to saute and mix with other items for a "creative" but nutritious dish. I didn't even get past the sauteing of these two together. Once these two started to "cook down" I smelled something familiar...not a good familiar...wet dog. Yes, I successfully duplicated the smell of wet dog. We had a good laugh, but we couldn't get past the smell, so we ended up scratching these two. It took quite a long time to get that smell out of our kitchen. Definite Kitchen FAIL.

Salmon & Egg Burritos

It all started with left over salmon from the night before. I thought to myself...I like Salmon and I like Eggs... they should taste great together! So I heated up the salmon and mixed it in with the scrambled eggs, and tasted it...I thought to myself...not bad. Then I figured my hubby would want breakfast too, so I threw the rest in a flour tortilla and walked over to his office to give it to him. I told him what was in it and he gave me this really frightened look. But he tried it anyways. At first I was offended by his hesitation, I mean how could he not like this culinary creation? I called him about an hour later to see how his morning was going come to find out he was in the process of finding something else for breakfast. Now I was really offended. But then thought to myself, well I guess I have lunch ready for myself when I get home.

At lunch, I popped it in the microwave and sat down to eat it, my husband waited for my reaction...I took a bite and almost spit it out, oh my goodness! that was horrible! I couldn't figure out where I had gone wrong...and then I realized, not everything wrapped in a flour tortilla is good. Making it portable was my downfall. So, I know you are wondering...did I eat it? Yes, with a little (ok a lot) of ketchup I ate the whole thing. Then washed it down with a Diet Coke - Diet Coke makes everything better! :)

Beef Fried Rice

Having left over shredded beef from the crock-pot and cooked rice from the night before gave me a great idea for dinner. Beef Fried Rice. This was going to be perfect! I had been craving Chinese food for quite some time. As I was cooking it, tasting it occasionally, I was excited with my experiment. Of course when I plated some up for my hubby and told him what it was he gave me that frightened look again. That should have been my first clue. He said he had never heard of Beef Fried Rice. So then I thought, maybe I'm on to something here! So we sat down and started eating...I thought to myself, not bad! this definitely isn't as bad as the Salmon & Egg Burritos, but...then the after taste hit and that was less kind. Both my hubby and I didn't feel so well afterwards. Needless to say, now I know why I never remember seeing Beef Fried Rice on any Asian menu.

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