Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Denim Projects

I started out with a pile of 15 pairs of very used overalls, that a friend gave me. So far I have made 2 cute purses and have cut the rest for a cover for our futon. Here are the purses...

For the one above, I used the two back pockets from one of the pairs, sewed them together and then took leftover scraps to make the strap. I really like the worn, frayed look so I left the edges undone, and then washed and dried it to get the fraying started. I love this one, I use it for when I want to carry a purse but not tons of stuff. It's great because it essentially has a middle section and then a pocket on each side for dividing stuff up :)
The second one I made is out of the bib part of the overalls. For this one I used 2 sets of overalls.

I think I love this one the most! I added some of my favorite pins to "jazz" it up a bit :)

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