Friday, December 10, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

In August of this year I lost my job. It was unplanned and it was very ugly. I was very angry for quite some time. Angry at the employers for not paying me what they owed me, for doing very mean and ugly things to our family and for doing this all during a time when we were trying to rally around my sister-in-law and support her through her cancer journey. My husband and I prayed a lot and felt God leading us to not share the pain, anger and details to the people in town that asked. (Being a town of 1,000, rumors fly quickly) We didn't feel it was the right thing to do. (Although some trustworthy friends and family were told in hopes they would pray for us during this time.) So we held our heads up high and carried on - unfortunately with a great deal of bitterness underneath. So where is the blessing you ask? Here it is…

Yesterday I ran into one of the owners, caught me by surprise. I dreaded this day - but God was there with me. I smiled (genuinely) and said Hello. Let's just say that I was not greeted with the same gesture. As I paid for my items and got in the car, I was stunned that I actually smiled and said Hello. Where had the bitterness and anger gone? I thought a lot about it - God felt I needed to be up in the middle of the night to do this :). And this morning I came to the realization that I am THANKFUL. Thankful for being laid off. The environment was unhealthy - emotionally and spiritually. Even though there were days that we all laughed and had good times, there were also many more days that were filled with criticism, negativity, and more complaining than I wanted to be around.

Since the layoff I have been worried about finances. I mean that's why we have a job in the first place, right? Well I can say that I am THANKFUL for the penny pinching that we have had to do and are still doing. It makes me grateful for what we have. It made me realize that I used to spend money on frivolous and unnecessary things (which I really noticed when I had a garage sale). Our friends and family have been there for us in these tough times, helping us, praying for us, and giving me a shoulder to cry on. We continue to be grateful for everything that God has provided! My husband has a great job and my 2 businesses have picked up and God is providing abundantly. The monetary amount may not be significant to most people, but to us, it is everything we need and just a little extra. I have learned new ways to stretch a dollar and for that I am very satisfied.

All in all I am so THANKFUL that God has given me an attitude of gratefulness. I am happy that the anger has subsided and that God has shown me the positive things that have come out of this. And most of all - I am thankful for my husband! Thankful that he is there for me, my Knight in Shining Armor that stands up for me, encourages me and takes care of me.


  1. Jennifer,

    I had no idea you were going through all of this. I'm sorry to hear that. We are here for you and pray for you. It's nice to hear that you can rise above any trials with God's help.

    We love you!

  2. Melissa,

    Thank you for your prayers! I am thankful to have you as my friend! I love you and miss you!

    Love always,


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