Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Love Through Chocolate" WINNER

The winning name was drawn out of a hat. Here is what people are saying about Terry Duffield:
"Terry Duffield. She has ran the Adopt-a-dog shelter for over 25yrs providing good homes for strays and abandoned animals. The kennels burnt down a few weeks ago. She is planning on rebuilding, and will continue on. This is her life!! A little chocolate couldn't hurt, could it??? LOL"
"I think Terry Duffield is a good Choice,I second the top coment. She has had bad luck and deserves something nice."
These comments will be included in a card that goes along with the cake. If you would like to add a comment to include in the cards, please leave the comments below. Make sure to sign your name so she knows who the wonderful thoughts are coming from. Please make sure to have all of your comments in by Saturday morning (February 13th) at 11:00AM.

Both of the comments that are listed above came through as "anonymous" but if you are the one that put the comments and want to include your name, then please email me at and I will include it. If you want to remain anonymous, than that is fine too.

Thanks again for all that entered a name!


  1. Terry you really deserve this. You do an amazing thing for all those animals.
    Meredith Toyne

  2. Terry is a saint and definitely deserves some chocolate, for all she does, she is very passionate about animals and their welfare :-) I appreciate her!


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